Dv888 spin time?

Somebody who has a dv888 can you tell me what is the longest spin time you have ever got with the bearing that comes with it. Also, what bearing should I get with it that you would recommend? :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter how long somebody has gotten it to sleep. It’ll sleep plenty long enough to do tricks. Work on your throw, and you’ll get it to sleep even longer. The stock SPEC bearing is wonderful, and if you want another one you can get it, but it isn’t necessary. Just look up what some different ones are used for and get one if you want to.

it doesn’t really matter but if you do want to know mine slept or about 2:30
but it all depends on the throw. and if i were to recommend a bearing for it, it would be a kk bearing because in mine my string always seems to be up against the side, which slows down the spin time, but a kk wont help your spin time if you have a bad throw it will only keep your string in the center of the bearing

Sleep times depend on throw; everyone’s is different. But me personally, I can get 4:48 (my personal record). But remember what I said before.

Never timed it. Know why? It spins long enough without me having to worry about it.

Keep it stock.


I love this sentence.

Reply ok i just did a quick spin with my Stock dv888. That i just got a few days ago. From throw to extinction it spun for 6:57. Not too shabby. i totally agree with Apetrunk thou. It’ll sleep plenty long enough to do tricks.

Really? I don’t really agree. The binds are not exactly snappy stock because the pads are really really recessed. Of course it makes it unresponsive, but it also takes away from your throw and spin generation. Almost as soon as I got mine, I flush siliconed it because I didn’t want to buy another set of stickers (which is what Ben recommends if you don’t get snappy enough binds). It’s alright stock, but with another set of stickers or sili’d it’s amazing.

That said, if you are worrying about spin time you should really consider playing more with whatever yo you have at the moment unless it’s a brain or something. Actually… You might want to spoil yourself, but then again most beginners still complain about having metals because they still don’t know how to properly play with/maintain a yoyo. If you can’t get a 5min+ spin on your metal you should really consider working on your throw. If your yoyo is tilting, or snapping back mid-trick, you should consider working on your play.

Btw Samad, I wasn’t trying to take away from your answer or anything but I also wanted to give my input as well. <3

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It depends on the aim. If your aim is just to do tricks, all ball bearing yoyos would spin long enough to the the trick. If your aim is to get longer combos without regenerations or set a new sleep time record, the above statement is not applicable.

Doing longer combos or getting a new sleep time are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Of course a metal would give you longer combos, but it’s not like EVERYBODY will do super long trick sets to matter. Using a plastic would give you the same result if you worked on your throw and your smoothness. Plastics seem to be seen as the “beginner only” type of yoyo, but if you really want to become a good player you should be able to do most of your tricks on a plastic as well. Some plastics today even have enough stability for you do to tricks while in very low RPMs and then bind. It’s all in the player.

Yeah I want to get longer combos thats why I started this topic.

If you have a DM already you should already be getting lengthy combos. The DV888 won’t make you better or give you longer combos. You should just work on your play and stuff. Really.


I wasn’t just referring to the DV888, I was referring to all yo-yo’s in general. I like keeping yo-yo’s stock and the idea of throwing stock, because I don’t think there is a need to do otherwise. I hope that clears things up.

Personally, I’ve never played a DV888, so I didn’t know that there was a problem with bind slippage.

I don’t mind. My Dv888’s sili’d :stuck_out_tongue: