dv888 sleep time no mods

hey guys i just ordered to the dv888 small bearing. I wanted to know the sleep time with no mods lubes or anything. just the yoyo. i heard its like 4 to 7 minutes. is that true??? ;D ??? ???

It deends all on how hard your throw is, forcing the bearing to spin longer.

On my average, about 2:00. I didn’t really throw it much, I just tried it out.

Eventually, it would spin longer after it was cleaned, and lubed, but not over lubed.

7 minuites is possible, but that has to be the Hulk throwing it! ;D

sleep time = long enough

The first time I threw mine, it slept at least 3 minutes, but mine’s a large bearing. But, really the yoyo doesn’t make the sleep time. It is a very smooth yoyo though. IMO the dv888 is currently the best metal yoyo for the price.

I got over 6mins out of mine with a strong throw

3 minutes average but clean and Lube it and it will break in but great sleep time

3 years yoyo beast…3 years.


Ok anyone saying clean and lube the bearing, don’t know anything. The bearing in pretty much all YYF metal yoyos come dry.

Edit: Stupid necro.