sleep time on my dv888

ok so i am on advanced part 1 and can do 2 tricks from the list. ive have been yoyoing for about 7 weeks. what should my sleep time be with no mods or anything on my dv888. i can get 1:40. is that good. if not tell me some tips on how to make it stronger and better

1:40 is good enough to do all the tricks on the list

It doesn’t matter how long the yoyo sleeps. Just finish the trick.

It really doesn’t matter how long it sleeps. If you can do the trick, that’s long enough. If you don’t think you have a very good throw, get out a $15 or $20 plastic and try to do the same tricks with that.

The DV888 needs absolutely no changes at all. Its perfect stock. Sleep times and all.

Yep. Just replace the string often, and replace the K-Pads when or if you need to. I can only get 2:36 out of my dv888.

i just got 2:40 i dont know how though

1:40 and 2:40 are pretty good times since you’re new.

It doesn’t really matter how long you can make it sleep for, just make sure you finish the trick.

After you practice more and more, your throw will get better (I got my old DV888 to sleep for ~5 mins.)