sleep time on wooly marmot and severe

whats the sleep time on wooly marmot and severe

Why do you care about the sleep time? It’s only really about how long you can do combos and stuff. If you want a really long sleeping yoyo, just get the Buddha King 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i want a good yoyo that can sleep long because im trying to get past the master section and my 888 is bad sleep, its not that i have a bad throw but its messed up, i also dont like that much its way to small.

888’s have perfectly good sleep time. It’s probably you messed it up. And sleep time doesn’t judge on how long you can do combos. You should get through the master section easily with the 888.

Do a ripcord start, Iv’e seen 888x’s get 9 min sleepers that way

In what way is it messed up? Cleaning the bearing could help.

the wooly marmot is the same size

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well just practice spintimes. use a responsive for a while. after a week of responsvie play, i always am amazed at the difference.

Put a ceramic kk with thin lube on it ;D

No, get a terrapin-X if you want a grooved bearing


I can get an 888x to sleep 6 min. whenever I want. That’s plenty of sleep time. Yeah, and the Wooly Marmot is the same size as the 888. :stuck_out_tongue:

get a buddha king 2 insted

BK yoyo’s fail on string tricks…

how well you do combo’s really has almost nothing to do with the yoyo (with in reason). an 888x isn’t the most stable which means it will spin out during a trick if the string is hitting the sides of the yoyo or you don’t get a strong enough throw.

Really, you need to stop caring about the sleep time.

ok just chill he will get the hang of strong throws, at first when people start all they care about is sleep time and yah. IM GOING TO BE ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO AWNSERS HIS QUESTION!!! they both sleep for about 3 mins or more! if you take really good care of the yoyo and bearing it will stay that way. also every now and then lube it with a little thick lube then thin lube. (thick lube cleans the bearing, thin lube removes the gunky stuff.