Sleep times discussion

Recently, when I go onto this forum, I keep hearing people saying that sleep times depend on your throw.
I feel that although sleep times depend on your throw, it also greatly depends on the yoyo that you use.
For example, if a person throws a duncan butterfly and a Dark Magic(assuming his throw is constant), the Dark Magic is going to sleep longer than the duncan butterfly. When some people give the example “If I give a beginner with a weak throw a catch 22 and I throw a legacy, I am definitely going to have a longer sleep time…”, it is a little unfair as they have different throws. I feel that when people ask about sleep times of different yoyos, it is not really a stupid question to ask as they should be referring to the same throw. It is not as if the person throws differently all the time, right?
What do you think?

Depends on the bearing too. Switching the yoyo but keeping the bearing won’t change a thing, unless the gap is oober narrow and sticking out.

yup, i do agree with u.
may the more experince yoyo player can create a guide on what is the average spin time of different yoyo.

The point that we try to make when we say “It’s all in the throw.” (Which it is) is that you may not get a Kickside to sleep as long as a Superstar, but you can get enough sleep time out of a Kickside. I mean a couple things when I say that. One, is that If you have a good throw, you could do the same tricks on a Kickside that you could do with a Superstar. My other point, is that if you can’t get your Kickside to sleep longer than a minute, chances are you can’t get a Superstar to either.

As Rsmod said, your bearing also matters. However, if you have a bad throw, that won’t even matter much.

I hope we have an understanding, and everything is clear now. :slight_smile:


sleep time = function(throw + shape + rim weight + bearing + response system)

  1. a better throw increases sleep time.

  2. shape matters. Thinner butterflies tend to sleep more then thicker Hs.

  3. if weight distribution is concentrated on rims, yoyo sleeps more.

  4. better bearing, more sleep. Thin lube, more sleep. Clean bearing, more sleep. Concave bearing, more sleep due to string friction (see 5).

  5. If the response system touches the string, sleeps less. Ie, more friction means less sleep. Thats why kk sleeps more; less contact with the reposnse type. Also, some response systems tend to touch the string more.

My 5 cents :slight_smile:

Tha main reason that we say it’s all in the throw is so that the beginners don’t go out and get a Superstar or Catch 22 because they think that it will help them out a bunch when it really won’t. As people get better and better, you really start to discover the exact meaning of saying it’s all in your throw and knowing the “background” to it. That “background” or the rest of the story with that line really can’t be said very well at all so that’s why I’m not even going to try to explain it. You will figure it out for yourself as you progress into the fantastic world of yoyoing.