How long do 888s sleep for

longer than you need it to.
which is the case with virtually every quality yo-yo now.

seriously, it’s the yoyoers that are the limiting factor in this day and age; not the yo-yo’s.

and like everyone said, your question has no answer. i can give my 6-year-old daughter an 888 and outsleep her with a 3-in-1. if you can throw a yo-yo well, they sleep a long time. but that’s a much bigger “if” than most people consider it to be.

as for the dm argument, i’ve yet to see a stock bimetallic yyj with a plastic bearing seat outstrip an 888 in “natural” sleep time. even if you don’t feel it, the tolerances of plastic and the variation in “sonic welding” (let alone the caps) are there. too much energy lost in vibration. it doesn’t make the dm a bad yo-yo.

Who? Me or Gostop?

Oh ha yeah. Gostop.

the 888 sleeps for a real long time ive seen some people to get it to sleep for 11 minutes. i have a 888 and i love it. i have gotten it to sleep for 8 minutes but it slowed down at around 6.