How do you store string?

I have heard of people storing string in a pill bottle. How do you store small quantities of string to keep in your yoyo box?

I usualy just roll it up in a ball And Stuff It In The Pocket Of My yoyo case

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I think this applies to 80% of us.


Yup Pretty Much

In my yoyo case’s pouch…

In plastic baggies in my Yoyo case.

I use the stringking method.

Well I’ve got two nails in my bedroom wall that I hang string off of, but for my case I’ve got this little plastic fliptop container that fits perfectly in one of my yoyo holes.

I seen this title and though I’d really been gone a long time. As if there was a way to store the string to make it last longer or something… I always just threw in in the bottom drawer

I try to store it neatly.
I have a drawer for all my skill toys, and a Tom Kuhn leather case.

In the drawer I store the string in bulk. I basically lay all the strings out (however they come when I order), and then fold them and them nicely into the drawer. This makes grabbing individual strings easy.

In the case, I just bunch 10 or so strings in the outside zipper.

Slowly gave away all my miscellaneous new string in BST deals, now I just have a bundle of cotton, old highlights and my old Chaos in a 1 gallon ziplock in the corner of a drawer. Then I have a 100 pack of Venom sitting in a cupboard in an easy to access spot since it’s the only string I actually use.

Kept in bundles and stuffed into ziplock bags. Also have a few stray strings just sitting in the zipper pouch of my yoyo case.



At home have a 842 Tupperware container for my string and misc. parts. I keep an old pill container with 15-20 strings for on the go.

In Ziploc bags for freshness.

I lay them over a hanger in my closet

Twisted Stringz web site used to sell these fish shaped string holders that work really well. (Picture Below)They were really cheap, & color coded to help identify the string you have would on it. I’m not sure what happened to their web-store, but it’s gone now. I sent the idea to Andre in hopes he would well them.

At home I made this string holder out of an old mic stand, and a multi-pants hanger. This turned out much better than I ever expected, and is really easy to keep stocked, and grab string from. i also like the fact it holds so many different types of strings. (Picture Below)

I keep my YYSL ammo in a pill case. I kept my YYF mystery box and I just put the rest of my string there along with my lube and other stuff (stickers, tools, etc).

The boxes in my mini shelf for my forklift.