string storage

How do you store string?
I used to have a big spool that I put them on, but it won’t fit in my case.

Hanging over various door knobs. My wife loves it. ;D

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I have them laying everywhere when i have strings…

Jiffy bag.

I hang them all on my mirror in my bedroom. drives my girlfriend nuts.

I have 2 bulk 100-counts still in the bag. My neon green that I’ve been going through is wrapped somewhat neatly and in myYYE medium bag. My Slick 6 and 100% cotton bulk and white 100% poly are in separate compartments in a case. In other compartments are other various misc strings gotten from BST deals and/or sent to me and/or from other purchases.

Get some command strips, the bigger hooks, and find a place on the wall and hang em! I do that in my dorm at college and it keeps then out of the way and looks cool when we have our black lights on! I have 2 100 counts, a green and orange, and the lager hooks will hold a 100 count just fine!


~Chris Severson

I just spwonk it into the yoyo case and leave it there.

I hang it neatly over my lamp, or just stuff it in my case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Various yoyo cases I have. Man u like having the hook-up!