how do you guys keep your stuff?

Hello! I was curious to the fact of how you guys keep your stuff. Weather it be yoyos, string, bearings, tools, pads, cards, etc.
I keep my yoyos in a medium contest, (there’s a mighty flea under one of the raiders), string in inside pocket (Extra long, venom and ammo and a box of mic strings for friend or whatever), and lube, and mightflea string. On the outside I keep sports tape, tools, trick cards and one trading card checklist, one yoyo bag and my wood box.
Inside the wooden box I keep an altiods tin (Bearings, axles, o rings, glow sticks, c rings and shields) a zippo box (response pads, yoyo factory tool) pens and a small multi tool (My bigger multi works better but that’s nice to have on the go).
And I keep all the boxes and yoyos I don’t want in the bag on a shelf, and a bunch of other string in a paint ball speed hopper. XD Basically a tube with caps.
Where and what do you guys do with all your stuff?

I have a YYJ contest bag and a small duncan Yoyo pouch i keep my string and lube in attached to my contest bag.

(Other pictures I forgot to add)

Desk, drawers, and random slots.

That’s where I use to keep my fast 201 but since I’ve decided im colleting them I kinda want to display them or keep them in relitivly safe places.

I put my yo-yos on my windowsill above my bed.
I have a wooden box to hold string and extra bearings too.

I have yoyo cases and hangers for my string and boxes for bearings and such. However, the yoyos don’t like the cases, they have escaped and have relocated throughout the house, the car, and even my office at work. The strings don’t really care for hangers and have been seen hiding here and there in close proximity to the yoyos they admire and hope to make connections with. The bearings they just roam around and wait to be given a good spin. :wink:

Fair enough I have trhat same issue too! They just relocate themselves


5 slot case on my desk, 15 slot case (6 slots occupied) in my closet. Hoping to cut down to just 5 throws if I can unload a few more on the BST.

Mine are everywhere in my room. They are all over the place, some in bags, some on the shelves, some in the drawers.

Before a contest, I put a bunch of my yoyos into a case. After a contest, they gradually creep back to a shelf until the next contest.

My stuff trends to be all over my room. Some throws are in cases, on head board of my bed, on dressers, my fridge.

When I have yoyos, it’s usually only a few so, I just have them sitting on my dresser or desk. I used to own a few cases but I really see no point in them anymore.

I just lay the case open on my desk. I used to put all the yoyos in place but now there are more of them then the bag can hold. The wooden box that came with my L5 is now holding those >100 pieces of bulk response pads from China although it might be a better idea to store them somewhere cooler with better ventilation.

Shelves, wooden holders, desks, two 24 hole cases, a 4 hole case, and a 12 hole case.
And my pocket.

damn son. Do you even yoyo? XD

I keep my bearings in an altoids tin too!
I only have 5 yoyos and I just keep them on my dresser, but I’m going to make a case soon because they get dusty just sitting there even after several days.
String is kind everywhere

I ended up buying a yoyo bookcase.

Have a box with axles, bearings, etc that isn’t really shown.