My homemade yoyo case

It’s not as flashy as the others but give me some credit it’s the first case ive ever made


Pretty cool!
You should make me one ;]

and another

More like a cabinet then a case but very cool


Do you bring that everywhere you go?

seems cool!
my strings are still staying everywhere ( on the bed under the bed into toilets ;D)

i don’t have a case but just a “presentoir”

Hey, awesome case, man! I know that drawer. My mom has one, its a craft drawer that you can buy at Jo-Ann Fabrics. They come out easily if you tilt it forward. Good job!

lol, just add a shoulder strap and away you go!

It is a good idea, I have yos, hockey tape (for my throwing finger) and string everywhere and my wife is like “wtf?”. I may have to pick up one of these.

no i do not carry that case anywhere but i know where your comin from domin123 that would be very very funny to see

Great case. It’s more like a cabinet but still would be a nice thing to put in your room so your yoyo stuff isn’t everywhere. What all can it hold? Think I might make one. Is it cool if i use your idea? Later.

Keep it spinning™

yeah it’s cool if you use my idea… Well it can hold 7 yoyos if i put sme fome on the bottom shelf and my string and my lube and a convinent toothpick to take out knots

I use an egg carton box thingy from Albertsons… :-[