So...yoyo cases.

(Jei Cheetah) #1

I have something to say about that.




I think I’ll wrap my yoyos in socks when I go to Edmonton for Nationals. :wink:


This is the most amazing idea I have ever heard.


I know how I carry my yoyos…


I literally just came up with it in the middle of watching HaruRay’s video. LOL :smiley:


Take a jacket, and staple socks to it. Write on it with a sharpie the name of the yoyo so you know which sock holds which yoyo. If you have a large collection this will be rather amazing.


IDEA:customize a Pringles can.


OH MY GOD YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING. This is the best idea ever.

If only I had a bigger collection…


Dude I can just imagine some shady-lookin’ guy in a trench coat made like this walking up to random people offering them yoyos from the black market.


There’s something satisfying to me about “a place for every thing, and everything in it’s place”, and that translates into how I store and carry yoyos.

I know I don’t need anything more than a bag, but I get a sense of…I dunno, comfort is probably the closest word, in looking down and having the foam lined case and every yoyo clean and neatly packed.


Yeah, even with my YYE large case, I think it would just be more convenient to toss my yo-yo’s in a backpack. Easy pz.




Wish I had some socks. Well, ones without holes in them.

Pringles can idea sounds cool.

Or those cookie tins Asian parents always store sewing supplies in.


I just use a toolbox.


My parents store them in tofu containers…LOL

(Jei Cheetah) #16

forget socks and chip containers.
bag that stuff.


These right? I would always get excited over seeing the tins at my grandma’s house thinking they were filled with cookies, but nope. Sewing supplies.

(WildCat23) #18



Yeah, that’s it, that’s the container. When I eat those, I like to take one stack of my favorite to my self, but I think all the flavors are the same, just different shape. But I somehow forget what they taste like now since all I see in them were sewing stuff.


I only keep handi-gel in plastic bags. That’s how it should be.