How Did You Start Throwing?

Not sure if this has been made before but whenever I meet a fellow thrower, the first thing I’ll ask is how they started yoyoing. I started during the summer when my friend brought his CLYW Avalanche on our trip.

I bought a Yoyo for my bro-in-law for Christmas and wanted one for myself after I was finished wrapping the present. I went out and bought me one.

It was the 90s yoyo boom, and I bought a duncan trick book + duncan imperial at a school fair. Following that was quite the yoyo obsession, till my mother shut me down. :’( Fast forward to 2014 where I happened to see a kickstarter for a yoyo, which kickstarted my old obsession all over again. ;D

Ran into a friend at school who had a dark magic II, I used to own an old powerbrain and remembered how much fun yoyos could be so i went home and asked my mom if i could order a DMII and a Supernova Lite off yoyoexpert, the rest is history.

i don’t know why but at my school everybody had either a diabolo,a yoyo,astrojax or pretty much any skill toy and this summer i felt like yo-yoing so i started back

It was the 90s boom fell out of it till last year while at work was reading someone Job application and the guy put down that he did Yoyo shows so I looked up yoyo tricks and came across janos winning freestyle from worlds 2013 and got hooked

Okay so i was first introduced to yoyos in about the 4th grade during the 90s boom, i played with them for a few years but lost interest after time. Many years later i was house sitting for my aunt and one of her kids had a yoyo laying around, after a few tosses i had fallen back in love.

At this time i had about 6 months clean and sober from drugs and alcohol (after over a decade of battling addiction) so needless to say I was in desperate need of a hobby. So i bought the Yomega deluxe gift set “Raider, Maverick, OOCH” and i have been throwing every day since.

I am someone that has to have something in my hands 24/7 and stay occupied or my anxiety gets the best of me. Yoyos have become more than a hobby to me, it truly is therapeutic. I owe a lot of my continued success with sobriety to throwing, and i couldn’t be more thankful that they found me when they did.


Garrett, that’s a very motivational story.

I got hooked on yoyoing in 2007 at Air Circus in Ocean City, NJ. I purchased a Yomega Lancer II for $23.99, which at the time seemed insane for a yoyo…

I did basic tricks with the Yomega DVD for a few years. 3 years later in 5th grade, I got over a dozen kids in my class into it, and we did it for the school talent show. That’s when I purchased my first high end throw, my Yoyojam Trinity after watching multiple tutorials from Andrè.

After a 3 year break, for I slowly fell out of it, I went back to Ocean City, which kickstarted the obsession again. I remembered always wanting a Hatrick, which I searched the BST for. A year later I’m still totally addicted and I don’t see it slowing down in the foreseeable future. It’s awesome!

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my sister was playing with one and i had to prove my self better then her to make her mad so i stared playing, found out it was a thing and started playing

I know this is a yoyo forum but darn… this made me cry. I have the up most respect man

*edit: the main reason it made me cry is my brother is going through drug addiction now. I just wish he had something like you did with yoyo to get him through this.

as it stands, he will probably ruin his relationship with me and the rest od his family in the next year if something doesn’t change.

so that’s why I give you kudos and much respect!

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This got real deep real quick.

I know it is hard to not hold someone accountable for their actions, and in not saying you should’nt. Just understand that his choices are very limited right now, when your in the depths of addiction the drugs make your choices for you. I’m sure your brother is a very good dude, as am I, most of us are. But i was a horrible person when i was out there, and i ruined every relationship and burnt every bridge. But when I finally said enough was enough and the people who really mattered saw i was serious they were right back on my side to help me out of my hole. And when your brother is ready he is going to need your help. But straight up, us addicts are awesome liars lol, but you will know when he is ready to start being serious about recovery. Sadly there is not much advise i can give you to help him, when it comes down to it nobody can, he just has to be ready and make the choice himself.

Haha true, but Garrett’s story was pretty motivational.

Well i had played with cheap yoyos since i was a kid but i had never been able to really get it to go…

Well one Christmas in 2011 my Uncle bought me a wooden bass pro shop yoyo and that one act kicked off my yoyoing life… i dropped out for a little bit after my wooden yoyo got demolished… then one day i found a a yomega dash in a small toy shop.
I played with that for a year until it got destroyed… and i convinced my parents to buy me a 40 buck yoyo ( can you believe that… thats sooo expensive) i was starting to wane off until my Uncle who bought me the first wooden yoyo got cancer and now even after his death i yoyo for him ( he put me in the biggest money pit in the world)

Oh my, the amount of feels in this thread is too much!!!

BAHHHH I Love you all!!! I shall go cry in my corner now

I started in the late 90s with an X-Brain. I didn’t get too far, simple loops and picture tricks mostly. I remember I was still using the Brain long after the fad had ‘died’ at my school. Flash forward to 2013, I randomly stumbled upon a Petr Kavka video and it re-sparked my love. I bought a Lyn Fury and quickly grew obsessed.

This was the video.

I started when the first season of “blazing teens” aired (look it up, its pretty cringe worthy chinese tv show about yoyo battles). At the time yoyos were super popular and almost every kid in my school had one, so I bought a bunch of the shitty yoyos as well (First gen Audley…). It didn’t take too long before I got better than the main characters of the show, which wasn’t much considering the ultimate move is a couple of eli hops… Then I discovered Hiroyuki Suzuki’s freestyles which fascinated me and gave me motivation to keep going. My first good yoyo was the auda sunlight (amazing bootleg 888)

Then I stopped when middle school started and just got back into yoyoing recently.

My story is a bit of a downer too, but has a happy ending. I used to do it with a friend of mine, and then fell out of it for a couple years. About a year back my mom got diagnose with breast cancer, and soon after they declared it stage four. Family matters were breaking down, fights ensued, depression hit harder than I was ready, and I was looking for an escape. Drugs were expensive, and dropping college from all the stress, that was out of the question. XD But, I had a few nice throws still lying around, and got hooked. The weird addiction of getting a new throw and the meditative focus/frustration of trying to learn new tricks helped me keep my sanity, and my collection grew from 3 to now almost 30.
Since then, I’ve starting college again in a few days, mom’s almost cancer free, family life is better than ever before, have a wonderful supportive girl (She’s a trooper, helped me during everything) still by my side, so things are going amazing!

In one form or another, it comes up about every other week. ::slight_smile:

That’s an awesome story, glad for your mom!

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