How Did You Start Throwing?

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I liked yo-yos as a child. But, several years ago, the bank gave away some yo-yos as a promotional item. I thought if I shopped for a better yo-yo, maybe I could learn some cool tricks. I haven’t stopped buying yo-yos since then.

Prior to that, I was into another skill toy, twisty puzzles (Rubik’s type cubes). I figured, cubes for sitting, and yo-yos for standing. All bases covered.

I was at Toys R Us. I saw a yoyo. I wanted to see how many times I could make it go up and down. I bought it. Yea.

Figured :smiley:

My fiancee bought me a magic yoyo as a little present, and I thought it was fun, so carried on.

i can feel for you… my uncle battled cancer for years, he finally escaped cancer two years ago… i miss him every Christmas now.

So, how’d that work out for you? :smiley:

Well, that part might be a bit off topic. :smiley: But, since you asked…

It worked out quite well for me. When I moved up to the Dark Magic II (a better yo-yo), which I considered “expensive” for a yo-yo at that time, the heavens split. I split the atom with it, and now I’m doing advanced tricks. Boingy boing is my favorite, and it’s variations. I’m obsessed with the up and down vertical boing at a high rate of speed. Is there a different name for that? Reminds me to post about it in the string burn advice thread. As you can see from my profile, that’s my favorite trick.

Oh, and I don’t think the Dark Magic II is expensive anymore. I’ve spent far in excess of that now. That’s working very well for me too. :smiley: :smiley: You should try it.

my gramps taught me on a wooden tournament 2005 (I think they were reproduced then) replica.

I’m sorry. I feel for you too. My family was very blessed, and I wish that could be said for everyone, including you my friend.

about a year and some change ago,they opened up this puzzle and board game store in the mall here,they had some brains,velocitys,dash’s and butterflys,when i was a kid i got this learn to yoyo book at abook fair,came with a odd transluccent green responsive yoyo,learned rock the baby,around the world,elevator,shoot the moon all the old school fun tricks, i loved it so day smashed it against the wall in the kitchen,never had anther yoyo after back to the store,i was getting cranium (board game) for a party me and some friends were having,saw the yoyo’s at the counter,and bought me a velocity and a brain,i wanted the brain more because that was the cool yoyo when i was a kid,i bought the velocity because to me at the time it was such an odd shape i wanted to know how the fudge this was a yoyo,got home and played with the brain and the velocity sat on my mantle. until about a month later i checked online about yoyo’s,saw all these amazing tricks and people who truly love throwing around yoyo’s.Bought myself a lyn fury and just like T.A. a DM2 and that was a wrap,finally figured out how to play with that velocity as well XD.
havent stopped since… ;D ;D ;D

I got a free yoyo from a bank

When I was in 4th or 5th grade, the Duncan guys came to my school and put on a big show to sell yoyos and all that. I wanted to get into it so badly, but my parents couldn’t swing it. That Christmas, they got me this one yoyo that had some electronics that could count how many times you could do the gravity pull (aka, the LCD had numbers that went up by 1 every time) and I was super hooked on that for a long time, but you know kids, I found something else to be obsessed with.

Fast forward to this December, I was shopping in Academy and found a Duncan Butterfly for $1.75 and bought it instantly. I started throwing it on the way out the door, and loved it so much, I walked next door to the ToysRUS to see if they had yoyos. They have a little end panel in there full of cheaper duncans, yomegas, and literally 2 yoyofactory fast 201’s. Didn’t know anything but Duncan, so I bought a 2 pack with a speed beetle and proyo for $10, and I have been hooked since then. I will usually buy a Duncan or 2 when I visit ToysRUS (my girlfriend and I love shopping around in there, we are both massive children at heart) and I am steadily going up the trick list YoyoExpert sends with their orders.

I started off for some reason, (it was like a magical force I tell you!) wanted a yoyo for my birthday, and so my mom got me a Duncan Imperial for my birthday. Then it broke, and for a few years, I didn’t care at all, then a few years later, the magical sense came back at my 14th Birthday, wanting one again, so my mom got me a Duncan Imperial again. This time, I took it MUCH more seriously, and saw Hiroyuki Suzuki, and was instantly amazed and shocked that people can actually do stuff like this. So since then, I’ve been learning and practicing like crazy, and now I am where I’m at, about a year into it.

So where at you trick wise? What would you rank yourself (i thought I was getting to like, a really good level but now I think I’m barley an amature