What month did you start throwin?

I started in October, i recently “celebrated” :stuck_out_tongue: my 2 year yoyoing anniversary

go ahead and say how long youve been throwing for also ;D

May 12, 2011. I have the receipt in front of me from when I went to Toys R Us to get my first yoyos. I’m keeping it because that’s when this all started for me.

April 2008

Quite honestly I don’t remember. Sometime Summer 2009 I picked up a Duncan Imperial. I brought it to McDonald’s and was yoyoing there. Early 2010 I wanted to “Upgrade” and my dad told me to get a Duncan Butterfly. Well I got bored with those and upgraded yet again to the Duncan Mosquito around August (The blue one Here is the one. I obviously modded it later on). This is around the time I started to make my first yoyo. I had difficulty learning Trapeze and “Quit.” Sometime around (I think) February 2011 my friend brought a Mosquito to a Boy Scout meeting. I had completely forgotten about it. So I ordered a KK bearing and got on my way again. In March I Wanted to upgrade, so sticking with Duncan I ordered a FH2 2010. On my second day with it I started having bearing problems. I joined and posted a new thread on a different forum and was on my way again (My username comes from the trick I was working on at the time, plastic whip). Mid-June I decided to get a DMII and I ordered it near the end of the month. This is around the time I joined this forum. In August, after talking with someone I decided on a Northstar and a Big Ben for 4a and ordered them when I got a pair of Crucial SPR’s.

To sum that up you can say I got seriously into yoyoing in February, 2011.

You can say I’ve been yoyoing for 2.25 years or seriously yoyoing for 8 months (This is what I think of).

I first tried yo-yoing around five or six years ago. In my mind, I feel that I wasn’t serious about it back then. Therefore, I consider September 2011 to be my starting month or “serious reboot” month.

I started this february. like the 4th I think.
so this is my 8th month doing it. :slight_smile:

may 5 2008, my 8th birthday,i got a cheap auto return yo yo and could only do forward pass. next year same day i found it an remembered the the fun had. so i got onto the compute and ordered my ONE. and i all started 4 days later( because of shipping, lol).

Hey! right around me!

December 25th 2010.

I got a cheap dollar store yo yo and fell in love!

Same month and same senario, just not same date. Started in 09

Approximately one year ago

August of this year roughly, started with a freehand two and a metal drifter bc they were easy to obtain from the local toys r us. Not bad throws but def glad I came across this website and have learned what I have this far

Lmfaooo im 13 and i started wen i was 6. I broke my arm, so my dad got me a duncan dragonfly, and i learned to throw with my left hand. I learned how to do some basic looping tricks, andmy dad got me a fast 201. Once i mastered some string tricks like brain twister and trapeze, i got a dif r yo barebones. I started to get into some tricks like thr mach 5 and i wanted to learn boingy boing. After a while i got bored of yoyos, and eventually got my cast off, and didnt touch a yoyo for about 4 years. A couple months ago, my dad opened a package in front of me that contained 4 yoyos. The yyf superwide, protostar, pgm, and adjustomatic. Surprisingly, i went straight for the protostar, and tarted trying to bind with it. I relearned some old tricks, and my dad showed me this site. Since then ive been hooked on yoyoing, and its just so much fun! If it werent for this site, i would have still been frutrated not being able to learn boingy boing, and would have gone back to skateboarding. As of now i have a broken left thumb, and it makes it so annoying to try and do certain yoyo tricks. I cant wait any longer until its healed! Let the record show that im right handed, and throw with my left.

Well thats my story! Whats urs?

Sometime towards the end of July this year.

I got hooked up by yoyoing when I got my Hitman Pro, I consider that as my starting point (back then when I was 7, I think I yoyo but don’t care too much), so January 2011

October of last year! So the 1 year mark is soon!!

December I got a Butterfly as a gift it was sooooo cool. C=

Started March sometime in before my birthday, the 13th, ordered a veloctiy. I guess my interest with yoyos was on and off but never tried first saw Hiroyuki Suzuki in 5th grade got a brain then i think i got a throw monkey one year but was not serious. So my 7th month anniversary just past.

August before a 30 day trip… got a dollar store yoyo as a joke, but reminded me of being a kid again. Found a toys r us, got a duncan metal drifter and the rest was history.

I’m trying to think how long it’s been since I started I think it’s been four or so years… Kind of crazy to think about. C=