I started throwing because...

It’s pretty simple. Tell the story of how you were introduced in to yoyoing.

I started throwing legitamately about two and a half years ago. A few of my older brothers friends threw when they were like 10 but were never very good. When I was on YouTube one day I saw a video of Hiroyuki at worlds and was hooked that instant.

I started yoyoing bececause my babysitter took me to a yoyo show when I was like 6. I put yoyos down shortly after that because I lost the bearings in my saber raider. I got back into it when I was in 5th grade because of the NED show, my mom bought me a renegade and every one in my class bought Fast 201s so I got one of those too. The yoyoing fad faded out by 7th grade. I kinda stopped progressing from 7th grade to my freshman year of highschool. Around the end of my freshman year I got back into it and when I saw Jensen’s 2010 BAC freestyle I really got into it. So now its 2012 and I’ve been yoyoing ever since.

I started throwing a year and a half ago. I started to study for the CPA exam and kept falling asleep during the DVD classes. I got bored and was surfing the web, saw Kimmitt’s 2010 worlds performance. Thought thats cool and will keep me awake. Ordered a velocity that day. Exams passed still throwing.

I asked my mother for a Duncan Midnight Special when I was maybe 5 she purchased it. I placed it in a box after mild occasional use. Tune in 22 years later my son and I were digging through a “box” of old toys to stumble upon my yoyo. I showed him the, rock the baby, walk the dog and around the world. The Duncan followed me to work, the guys at work wanted some so we ordered a box of Butterflies. My son got his first a wooden Duncan Tournament. We discovered unresponsive about a year ago at A2Z science (thanks Seth Cragan). HOOKED BIG TIME.

I was 13. My mom and I were just shopping when I came up to a Duncan Imperial. It was only $5, so I said what the hec, and bought it. Three months later, and I had the basic forward pass and sleeper down. I quit for a month because my progression was so slow and my friends were laughing at me. After that month, I got a Grind Machine and learned how to bind and braintwister the same day I got it. I was instantly hooked again.

I have been yoyoing for 11 months now.

My mom put a duncan imperial and butterfly in my stocking one christmas… rest is history and i dont even have the ones that started it all :frowning:

Had a yomega power brain when I was younger but never got into it. Then I was surfing YouTube one day and seen this…


I was like ??? :o and from that moment I wanted to do that!
Still don’t do much 5a because I really like 1a a lot.
I did learn the tutorials on 5a from yye but I stopped there and went back to 1a.

my mom bought me a duncan imperial from walgreens when i was like 10. i was into it for a little bit and could do basics like rock the baby. i stopped yoyoing until the start of march this year, when my friend came to school with a duncan reflex and told me where he bought it (yoyoexpert.com) i relized how much fun this could be, and i yoyo again now.

I watched a clip on my friend yoyoing, and thought that was really cool. So he learned me.

Ive had experience with yoyos since I was young, but I really got into it after watching Ian Johnson on americas got talent. After I saw it, I knew I had to try it. I got a duncan metal drifter to really get into unresponsive play. I have now been throwing for 10 months.

My sister brought home a crappy quarter sized yoyo made of plastic that she got from her valentines day party and I was playing with it and I got so attached to doing it.

You can read a short version of my story here:

But that was 2 years ago…now I am 75.

Glenn Godsey

I saw another kid in my boy scout troop yoyoing a few times and I decided that I wants to do that so I got my mom to take me to toys r us and buy a yoyo

I just happened to pick up a yoyo. There ya go! Some things in life are just that addictive.

My friend was yoyoing and I thought “that’s cool I want to learn”

Here I am now, and I still don’t know how to split the atom

Saw it on TV, thought it was cool.

Saw it at the park, thought it was cool.

Was given one, unable to use it. I’ll omit the rest of the story. However, the latent seed was planted. Tucked away, kind of forgotten.

Skip forward from 1978 to 2011(yes, that’s right)

Took it up again “for reals” this time. Needed a activity kind of hobby. Somehow the memory of the yoyo resurfaced. With help from online videos, escalating to meets and meeting people, here I am. I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. I’m having too much fun!

A yoyo has always been one of my favorite toys when I was little. Then I got a Duncan Butterfly when I was 8. I got a Duncan Reflex when I was 13. Never learned any tricks until last fall, I was 16, when I saw my friend do tricks. He had a Butterfly, and an Imperial. So I got my Butterfly, and my Reflex out of a box, and learned all the tricks that I could. My friend got an Duncan Echo, so I bought an unresponsive yoyo, and learned how to bind. Then I learned tricks really fast. I got a Duncan Flying Panda in February.

I started out about 2 years ago, but before that my friends were big into it. And all they could really do was brain twister, plit the atom, etc. But they really wanted for me to do it. And frankly, I had refused to try it because I thought it was just a fad that would go away in a month or so for them. But on my birthday, my parents got me a little 5 dollar yoyo made by Klutz and I was like, “whatever.” So I tried it and I just couldn’t get it down and back up again, and got very frustrated. But for some reason I kept trying it and eventually got it and a couple of other tricks, that my friends helped me on, until I discovered I had a passion for it and it was really fun learning new moves and tricks. So here I am today still having fun with yoyos every day and making up new tricks and combos, and even entering a few contests too. So I thank my friends for introducing me to yoyos!

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Got bored

What a very cool read. Thanks for that.

I started throwing because the magic store next to where I was working sold Tom Kuhn stuff. I was intrigued by the whole idea of a bearing in a yo-yo. Glad that store carried yo-yos. :slight_smile: