Hitman Pro


HAH! I posted it first!!! What do you guys think of it. Excited or no?



Hitman Pro!!!

No more spikes. ;D

JEEZ that’s alot of rim weight. Kinda reminds me of a bigger, rounded out X-Convict

i’m sad I can’t go to worlds…

$20 888X B GRADE! :’(

I agree! this throw is going to be NICE!!!

I so want one. Are they only selling them worlds or will they be sold on the Internet sooner or later. And what price do you think they are gonna be? 40-50 maybe

I would think they would be sold here on YYE. They will probably be in the $40+ price range. Either way, I want one ;D

The Hitman was one of the only yoyojam yoyos that I truly adored, and even to this date. I’ll be interested in trying one of these out in the future to see if it compares to the classic hitman, and if it does i’ll be all over it.

They are also making an energy drink at worlds for the Hitman Pro.

I think its just monster hitman.

Looks like what would happen if you merged an Xconvict with a hitman.

They made a baby! :smiley:


No, thats just a monster hitman energy shot

HAHA baby…

I hope they come out soon. So do you guys think that second picture is anodized metal or GOLD!?

well, yyj is already going big on the phenom, so i’m gonna say, GOLD PLATED!

I <3 Hitman Pro.

Is it just me or do the gold rims look bigger than the regular ones?

they are :wink:

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2 versions of hitman pros? I hope someone from worlds helps us out.