Hitman Pro

I’d say anno. Gold plating would be MUCH shinier

Yeah, the gold one was just the wyyc special edition (I’m pretty sure). And the golden rims are not larger than the regular ones. Taka had another pic on twitter that shows it. I’ll post it tommorow.

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I’m really excited about this one.

Dang it, my computer blocks twitter. Can someone PLEASE go to yoyoskills and find taka’s twitter pics. Then scroll down and on the 2nd or 1st page there is a pic of a front view of the gold Hitman pro. Can anyone who finds it post it here.

Me too! Im goin CRAZY!

Sorry about the DP but I got the pic up! Check out the original post!!!
So does the Gold rims still look bigger? Oh and Pics by Taka.

Never been a fan of gold rims but those look pretty hot with the green.

If you guys remember, there was a Special Edition Hitman that was green W/ Gold Rims :smiley:

any of u guys know if it going to be sold at YYE

it has to be

ill reply tomorrow cuz im leaving in like 20 mins to worlds

I sure hope so!!!

YAY! You’re our only hope. nah, but if you get any info on it then that will be awesome!

i have one!! i got the gold one it is 24k gold plated best half metal i have ever used :slight_smile:

i love it i play it just as much as my WERRD minute if they come to yoyoexpert get one

How much did they cost at worlds, gold plated and the normal ones?

Exactly what I was gonna ask. Lol

I’m really hyped about this yoyo because I was starting to think that YYJ were out of the picture but now woth all their new throws, I was going for the Ai thinking it was a plastic/metal hybrid like the DM, but it is all metal so it was to expensive at the moment so I thought I might as well get this, I think the designs of alll the YYJ have improved as well, especially the artwork on the hitman and now the new awesome artwork on the HPro, it just looks awesome!!!

Looks fantastic, just not for me. I used to LOVE the Hitman’s size and shape, but not anymore.
For those of you who have been waiting for a modern Hitman, wait no longer! It’s here! :smiley:

i could be wrong, but i think they were 4 at worlds, (same for gold ones) and 53ish here.

53 here? What do you mean?

Exactly what I was thinking

gold plated $42
silver $38

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