Help with choosing hybrid yoyo

So ive been learning to yo-yoyo for awhile and have been using metal yo-yo’s throughout, i only use plastic when practicing looping and feel i much prefer the weighted feeling of metal outside of that.

Ive reached the point in my journey where I feel a need for something inbetween plastic and metal, something not so weighted, but not so light. Something that feels solid and well balanced, hence my exploration of hybrids. I want something that would work well as an all rounder and that i could experiment with customisation. I would definitely be switching this yoyo between unresponsive and responsive play.

Any recommendations? Right now ive been looking at the Surveil and the Hybrid Fulvia


I don’t have a ton of experience, but I just got my first hybrid yoyo, the iceberg, and it’s AMAZINGGGGG!!!
It’s definitely my favorite out of all my yo-yos, and just plays so well


I feel like most performance hybrids are designed to be more between monometals and bimetals in power or exceeding bimetals in some cases. I’d just grab a laevateinn, cyber crash 2, or some other budget mono for a moderately powerful decently stable yoyo


Solid point. Would be a good idea to just grab a solid budget one to start, see what it feels like and if it fits the direction of what im looking for and then put a solid investment in. Thanks for that

However i do have 2 monometals right now that has lead me to post this looking for something inbetween what the monometal provides when it comes to weight while still giving stability and control.

Just like happy said, the ice berg is really nice. Never tried it, but it has great reviews. The feel is great, finger spin is awsome and the color is sooooo cool


I feel like you’d be after a good plastic rather than a bad mono so consider the speedaholic xx, shooting star, or aoe


Stay the course and get urself a nice hybrid. Hybrids are tons of fun! They were my favorite type of Yoyo for a long long time. They still might be I just happened to sell most of them because I had too. But once I’m able I plan on getting them all replaced. Some that I’ve owned or still own, soeedaholic fx, iceberg, aceyo xin, borealis pro 3, hybrid 5050, northstar and northstar fingerspin. And then a bunch of Chinese Yoyo jam replicas, the hitman, xconvict, speeder. And I would honestly recommend each and every one of those as a great Yoyo. Some that are currently available are basically all of them except for a few at the end. Yoyo expert also currently has the r2fg Jade in stock and on sale! I’ve never played that one but it’s been on my list for a while. The cool thing about SOME of these hybrids is that they are actually way more powerful then SOME monometals. And that’s just a fact. Ask anybody who’s thrown an iceberg. I say find a shape u like and pull the trigger

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This input is exactly what im looking for. Shape was a big factor in my decision here to round out what im practicing with so i wont worry much about brand. Thank you massively, you are a legend @Yoyomikie

Time to torment myself today with my choice!

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I like the Hybrid Fluvia. You can Half spec it for a Hybrid responsive. That is how I keep mine. Reminds me of the YoyoJam hybrids of old.

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My favorite hybrids right now are the DD monarch and the iyoyo iceberg. I have other hybrids and I love hybrids but those two are the ones I reach for most. I imagine when @Grapes releases his new hybrid at some point I’ll change my tune a bit.


Hahaha no pressure… :sweat_smile: Looks wise it’s a bit iceberg-ish so I hope it can meet your expectations :wink:
Run is expected to finish somewhere this month (I expect towards the end of this month.) Then there’s shipping, testing, packaging… oh and I haven’t ordered packaging yet… so yeah it is definitely in the works but it will likely need another two months realistically to hit the stores…

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If you want something with solid performance that can be used in competitions, we recommend c3yoyodesign’s rooc!

If you want to relax and play yo-yo, we recommend mowl’s hybrid. Two different types of plastic are used. The colors are also unusual and fun.


Maybe this’ll help.


Great video thanks. Helped me with my decision a lot, also got yourself another subscriber. Thanks for the work you put in to that.

Look forward to your other and future videos

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Thanks. I don’t make a lot of videos…(they’re a lot of work and it often takes a lot of time to gather all the throws) but I’ll do more videos for sure.

I have some other comparison videos you might enjoy if you look around the channel.

Btw, I don’t have it in the video because I couldn’t get my hands on one at the time without buying. But I did play a Fulvia Hybrid a few weeks ago. Wasn’t too impressed. It seems to perform similar to the Speedaholic FX but is less compfrtable in my opinion and without the fingerspin hub… It’s not a bad Yoyo but I wasn’t impressed either.


Interesting. Found a few other written reviews that said similar about the hybrid fulvia.

Right now I’ve narrowed it down to the Monarch and the ROOC. The ROOC looks like a big contender here but I’m struggling to find any reviews on it.

If anyone’s got some feedback on the ROOC would love to hear it

ROOC I haven’t been able to find to try. But Monarch is excellent.


Any chance you could give me some direction to more information on the ROOC. Looks like a strong contender but I’m finding virtually no reviews or information online

I feel like I would love a mowel hybrid.

anyone ever use a jade?

I feel like it would check a bunch of boxes for me

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Dawg. The jade has been on my want list literally since it came out. And one of these days I will get it. It’s the only one of these mentioned that’s an organic! But it’s constructed the same as the iceberg and rooc, ect with those SS rims! And to the OP. I say don’t worry if there’s not a lot of info on the rooc, it seems like that’s the one u want. Sometimes you just gotta say F**** it and you be the first person to review it. It’s rare to be disappointed by a Yoyo nowadays. And I think it’s way more probable that your gna love it. In my experience when I feel like I would like a Yoyo I usually end up being right. You know what’s reall awesome about Yoyo? When u take that chance and the Yoyo ends up exceeding all ur wildest dreams and then it’s like a huge reward for taking the risk! It’s a great feeling