Help me find me perfect yoyo =) ive got preferences


(if more than one answer is posted under the sections the first is king)
play style:5a/1a

Size:large and wide

shape:h shape/flat rimmed rounded/angular

bearing size :any

weight:around 68 grams

play:smooooth and stable

price: under 100 USD

ok thats it i think if i missed an area just say it and illl give an answer

thanks for your help :wink: ;D

(Jesse) #2

If you’re willing to expand your price range a bit, then I’d say the G5. Or you could get it off of the BST. Although it is a bit lighter than your preferences, it’s a great yo-yo. BBYY yo-yos are heavier, you could try those.



(SR) #4

Dv888 maybe?


i was looking into a dv888 but isnt it real small?

(JonasK) #6

Bully sounds pretty good. You could try a SuperStar as well.


im thi8nking ill go with a bully then thanks guys ;D ;D
still if anyone else wants to give input im way open to all suggestions ;D

(JM) #8

Just for more options, the YYJ Meteor fits most of your preferences.

(Jesse) #9

I would look into getting the Bully from RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW:

They’re having a sale and it’s only $86 instead of the usual $100!

(Jesse) #10

Hey I think the Wedgie might actually be a better choice for you because you mentioned 5a too, and it’s great for both 1a and 5a. The shape still fits your preferences, I would say the Wedgie.


Double post…

Wedgie is undersized. He want’s large. And the Bully is better than the Wedgie at 5A in my opinion. Most people prefer bigger, heavier yo-yos such as the Black Knight or Bully.


what about a DNA??


Its too round.

(Mark) #14

The Mutant DNA would fit you but there is only one in stock at YYN and the cost is 40 dollars more. Or a Dark Magic.

The Superstar is a smaller sized yoyo so I don’t agree with you there Pheenix.

(marcusWsteadman) #15

g enesis, maybe not sure ma be to big for you.


Umm, the Superstar isn’t small. You might be thinking of the Skyline.

(Mark) #17

It’s medium. I know.


Umm well if I’m not mistaken it’s slightly bigger than the DNA even. So I would say more like large or possibly even oversized. :wink:


Have you ever thrown a All Metal Yo? They hit your hand hard. A Metal Rimmed Yo is not as bad unless its a xcon size rim. But even that isnt that bad. Plastics are way softer for Errors/Fail.
Borrow a All Metal first before you go out and buy, or trade for a FHZ metal before you invest. This will give you an Idea of what your dealing with.
You may justs like something a bit cheaper and Softer IMO.
I don’t know how far along you are with string smoothness and a all metal will Tear you up quick. :slight_smile:


Very true.

Off topic but… Welcome to the forum BuzzJr!