Help Joseph win a $500 scholarship by VOTING!

ahhhhhhhlll vote

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voted. good luck and hope you win

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I’ll never meet you though :-\

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you post 1662?

Number of posts he made/posted in.

ik how does he have a life!?

I have nearly 1000. Samad has like 5000 posts. We’ve been here for a long time.

Yeah, I know. :frowning:

Back on topic, voted, but I don’t want the yoyos even if we meet. Not that they’re bad, just don’t want to take free stuff much.

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Voted again :wink: Good luck Joe!

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I voted!

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I voted! Even though, I probably will never meet you either.

I hope you win! :slight_smile:

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My third time voting! ;D

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I voted again too!!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone! The scholarship ends tomorrow so keep it up ;D Us Yoyoers need to show everyone that yoyos are indeed a growing sport and will be BIG once again!

As for the yoyos, I honestly don’t mind giving a pair away. I wish I could have helped Samad a little more with his 2A when I gave it to him. :frowning: The point is, I don’t want you guys to be getting the “short end of the stick” if I win, that’s pretty selfish. So take advantage and come out to one of the bigger contests and you’ll DEFINITELY see me. :slight_smile:


Hey Joseph, how would you recognized us to see if we did voted?

I wouldn’t recognize you but if you’re honest and did vote, you would tell me that. :wink:

Already voted twice and going to keep on voting until that ‘thing’ ends. I will probably never come out to a major contest though.