Win a free yoyo to help your friends Learn to Throw! Winner!

Winner Winner

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I don’t have a youtube channel. So I can’t vote…  :cry:

But I did subscribe!


If your able to subscribe you should be able to comment?

Oh, I need to have a channel, not just a youtube account. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you.

It works now!


P.S. I got my two brothers and a cousin into yo-yoing.

bump a few days left

I could use a few. Trying to stockpile cheap yoyos for next year in school. Shooting for 5 responsive 5 unresponsive for yoyo club

Done and done (Subscribed and posted a number in comments)

Tmw is the last day to enter!

I just gave a ranfom guy my hulksmash wooley to learn how to yoyo… Wheres my free yoyo

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

Last day

Results today? or Tomorrow? ;D

One of the 2 days. Depends when I have time to make the video :slight_smile:

winner updated