The "Share your yoyoing youtube channel" thread!


So, after youtubing about yoyoing for about a year, I’ve discovered that it can be hard to gain views and subscribers! The audience is not only small, but also tough to attract. However, I had an idea that might help us promote each other’s youtube channels! Just post in this thread, and subscribe to other channels linked in this thread!

*NOTE- Please only link to your own channel!

Here’s mine!

And IMO, my best video-


I have my silly yoyo unboxing animations. That’s about the best it’s ever going to get as I don’t feel like making any more of those even though i do have lots of ideas, just not the time and energy to make one.

(UmeNagisa) #3
My channel.

My favorite video.
Not my best, bc I haven’t made it yet xD





(Erik Kerber ) #7

heres mine

and one of my vids idk if its my best but yea


Here’s my YouTube Channel. I’ve been taking a break to relax now in the summer, but when I come back from vacation I am going to start making vids again. God Bless - Moefv

(WildCat23) #9

Lol, it’s been months since I made a video…

Good thing I’m doing a battle…


Wow! There are some awesome channels in here!

Here’s my lame one!


I donr make videos, but I comment a lot. My name is “Skyler d”


My YouTube

I need to put more stuff up some of it is old.



(Amplified) #14

I have two channels, one for magic the other for yoyo.

Videos from each:


Not lame at all!


My channel

My favorite upload:

(Alex Fairhurst) #17

Sub and I will gladly sub back.

My sponsorship audition video. Because it’s funny AND has sweet yoyoing.


Channel ^

Newest video v




Mine, though one’s not yoyo, and I’m not very good. :stuck_out_tongue: