Youtube channels


Anyone have youtube channels ?post the link down below?


Here’s the link to my channel


Here’s mine. My videos are pretty good.

(velez_adrian) #4

Mines ok.

(Amplified) #5


(Erik Kerber ) #6

Mine is in my sig.


I have over 60 vids, but all are private/unlisted. :confused: I might start posting if I can get my camera to work better.


not much to see though mostly really bad try hard videos


That’s you?!
I swear, I just went through that channel a few days ago.
Left thrower, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah i don’t find it that big of a deal though

We post contest videos for whatever contests we go to, so, yeah.


Check out my siggy, it’s in there. I’m sorta okay. :slight_smile: