Yoyo related social media accounts?

What yoyo related accounts do you guys have that you would like to share? :slight_smile:

Man, you’re a cool dude for asking.

I’m trying to push YouTube collaboration and yoyo channels and whatnot. I have a YouTube channel. Me and my good buddy Sam did a thing over the weekend. I hope to do more. Yeah… I do YouTube… a lot… maybe too much…

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I’m surprised there weren’t more replies to this… I guess I’ll add mine :wink:

Here is mine on Instagram: adamcannon24

I’m not very good but it might be worth looking at if you want a good laugh at the weird faces I make when I yoyo :wink:




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Are you Tom from the Throws and Brew’s channel?

Follow me @throwbindrepeat on insta, I run it with some friends. We haven’t been posting too much lately but hopefully that’ll change soon as I’ve started powder coating and would like to post more of that kind of stuff too.

I post pictures of my collection @yoyoretro on Instagram. Thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile:

That’s me!

I have a Facebook, too that I haven’t done much with, but its there:

Very nice! I have enjoyed your channel, has helped me start messing around with modern yoyo’s (I have only played with yomega fireballs back in the Mid-90’s previously :P)

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That makes me really happy to hear, man, thank you!

Ditto on the Fireballs in the 90s. Nostalgia still pulls me to pick one up every great now and then. I usually end up giving it away, but what a time to be a kid.

Absolutely, still a great time to be a kid, I’m a 29yr old kid to be exact ;D, I think I was in 5th or 6th grade back when the big boom hit in the mid to late 90’s