Youtube Exposure

I may be posting in the wrong place but leave your channel name here and check out other peoples vids ;D my channel name is the same as my screen name! Come on people!

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Btw, thanks for this post, I really think it’s a great idea for users to see other’s yoyo creations while not having to wait for them to post on YYE. maranellokid


Matthew Donovan. :smiley:

It’s my Google account. :smiley:

Sub if you want. :smiley:

Nyahhish ;D

Glad to see this thread is growing! And happy people appreciate it ;D

Please subscribe to my channel if you like what you see.


several bored at work videos, and a couple freestyles, nothing really advanced.

nothing wrong with that. everyone learns at different paces



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I actually prefer to watch people who arent super god status over the pros.

well then I’m your man…lol

Some intermediate to advanced tutorials, and of course, videos from the South African yo-yo world:

Just some friends and i throwing, we are just doing some intermediate and advanced things, nothing complicated.

YYM  YoYoz

No one said anything about you having to be more than advanced or discriminating where you’re from! We’re all throwers 'round these forums :wink: