Youtube channels?

Hey my channel is so yea if u get the chance, subscribe, also, post ur channel below, ill add u

Here’s my channel. :wink:

Heres mine. Theres nothing on it though… yet. :stuck_out_tongue:
trying to get 200 subs by end of May

yea i subbed u zach, ill probably sub u kim-lan


mine is this.

mine is

I’ll sub to all of yalls. also I’m learning how to put vids on hear so I’ll have some up soon i hope.

keep it spinning TM

yo thanks man, this is a pretty good thread, i think we should keep this going on to anyone who has youtube channel

sounds good to me.

Sub!  :wink:

Samad I’m already subbed to your channel.

hey, robert thanks for subbing.


here is mine:http:
also I subbed to all of ur’s
sub to mine!


mine -