check out my youtube channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I don’t know where this goes so I am posting it here.
But anyways I really want some people to subscribe to my channel and get more
views on my videos so please check out my channel.

I subbed to u!

My channel:

Probably in unrelated.


i will sub to you if you sub to me. im themaskedyoyoer pleeze sub

nevermind i will not sub to you. you told my friend he sucks and said the f word on his vid. he blocked you. you should really stop making people feel bad about themselves. you jerk

don’t say stuff like that


you should really mind your business

Guys this forum isn’t for hate. We don’t want to start a flame war so if you must, keep it in the PMs.

check out my youtube channel. im Themaskedyoyoer

Thread closed.

Please refrain from simply asking people to checkout your “Channel”.

If you have a specific video you want to share with everyone that is great.

Please also remember to remain respectful to each other in public. If you want to discuss something that bothers you with a particular person we recommend using PM instead. Thanks!