Chris Allen's Brickfish Contest - 3 hours Left

Hey guys, so you, the YoYo Community, have done an awesome job getting me to 2nd place in this Brickfish contest.
There are only Three Days left, and I still have a shot.  Brickfish is weird, 1st place does not mean grand prize, but it helps.  Any money won from this contest goes to funding review units and contests (and hosting) for the YoYoSkills website, All you have to do is click the link and vote.  Registered votes count the most, and if you leave a review, you could win money from Brick Fish also (even if I don’t win).

Thank you for getting me to 2nd place, lets shoot for 1st!

Voting as often as I can from multiple computers!

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I have been trying to but I can’t find the vote button.

lost count of how many times i voted!

I just wanted to share this with you guys. I was playing around on that site, and all these yellow dots represent votes for Dr YoYo. Yo-Yos around the world!

I voted!
But I feel somewhat bad that my own cousins are voting for the faith one.
: \

Apparently that person is one my cousins friends.

Voted! I promise that I’m gonna vote 10x everyday!

Happy Throwing! =]

cool beans!

All the more reason we need to vote!!

Today is the last day. Voting is valid until 11pm central. Then, the judges look at the top few entries for about a month and pick the winner. The key is Votes with registered reviews. Thank you so much guys.

i can vote again in 7h and 56m. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t take a full 7 hours. You can vote again in like, 30 minutes.

oh, man! it said 7 hours! ::slight_smile:

SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo Close!

Keep in mind guys, 1st place does not mean Grand Prize ( Or ANY prize for that matter) After I end up in 1st (hopefully) the Brickfish people take about a month to pick the winner

Thank you all for your hard work

I just voted for like the 50th time… good luck!

3 hours left. Down to the wire~!~

Just threw in that last minute vote! Good luck!

Its over :’(

2 and a half hours left, ends at 1130 PST
Not over yet!