Chris Allen's Brickfish Contest - 3 hours Left

PST you say? Then I can lay down a few more!

Its over…

I had so much fun.
The last 30 minutes I think I made 3 accounts to vote with, and as a guest, voted about 50 times.

L0L today I voted more than 87 times (thats when I lost count) so if dryoyo doesn’t win I call H4X0RZ :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you register an account for each of the votes? Its the registered votes that count the most.

Yeah I made 4 accounts


You lost by 1 point!

It’s actually a fraction of a point. Soooo close. But you had way more views and votes than that 1st place entry. Then again, you had way less reviews. But if you look at it, you had better written reviews. Oooo this might be a close call. Hope them Brickfish people pick ya.

And his is way more unique :slight_smile:

The judges are the final deciding factor. It will be a few weeks, but I will let everyone know. Also keep an eye on your own email. Each registered vote puts YOU in sweepstake running to win a hundered bucks! Joeseph Harris got that prize twice. Well thankyou all, I appreciate all your hard work, and will let you all know what is going on once I find out.