Help Joseph win a $500 scholarship by VOTING!


Hey Yoyoexpert,

I applied for a scholarship that ends in 2 days.  I have to answer the question, “Show us your summer sport” Naturally, I picked yoyos!

Click on the link and VOTE!  If I win, I will give a pair of my sunsets to those who mention they voted for me the next time we meet ;D SO VOTE please!

PS: My first post!  :wink:

(Johnny T) #2

Oh my god!!! Its Joseph Harris!!! :). I just voted! :smiley:


Joseph ism true to his word. He gave me a pair of Sunsets! This is my second time voting for this one, but I won’t ask for another pair :stuck_out_tongue:

(Johnny T) #4

So true… :slight_smile:

(Frank W.) #5

YOYO JO! l0l I voted asap.


I voted for you Joe! Good luck!

Edit: I voted for you multiple times on different internet connections :]

(Connor) #7

:)I voted! Good Luck!

(Bradley Moss) #8

Voted for ya mang.

(JonasK) #9

I will probably never meet you, but I voted anyways.


I voted.


I voted.


I voted.

(I hope i can win, so that i can throw 2A! :D, I already know how to two-handed Shoot The Moon :o, Yeah!, With two raiders that I’ve borrowed in my friend ;D)

Can you ship internationally? :D, I’m from the Philippines.

(JonasK) #13

This might break your spirit but:

I think you’d actually have to meet him in person, which is why I’m not getting any Sunsets.

And Joseph, don’t let this be your last post. We want you here.

Addment: Atleast I do


I voted for you. Hope you win.



Congrats on your first post! And I hope you win that scholarship! :wink:

Good luck on America’s Got Talent! (If that is you, and you’re still on)


I voted!!!


I voted for you! See you at Cal States!

BTW: Can I get your autograph when we meet?

(JackG) #18

i voted for you good luck!

(Raphael) #19


(Jamesofyoyo) #20

Voted, hope you win! ;D

ps. I will be going to the BLC contest. I might be able to meet you there!