Having trouble with the trapeze-cross-string bind that MrYoYoM and Mike M. do


I am not sure what part of this move I am missing , probably something simple I just am not seeing but I can’t seem to get it.

If you don’t know the bind I am talking about watch any of Mike Montegomery’s Lets Play Yo Yo on youtube or MrYoYom 's videos , it looks like they are throwing a trapeze and crossing the string in order to cause the bind, but obviously its not working for me.

Any help?


TrapeZe cross string bind? WHAT? XD


If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s a Dave Bind, which is nothing more than doing a front-style bind but side-style. Coming off the trapeze, you hit the underside of the crossing string, and the “loop” is now on the correct side of the yoyo for the bind. Bring the throwhand into position, let the loop feed in, and it’s a bind! And since you’re sideways, you need to cross your arms to do it.

If it’s the one I’m thinking of, check this:



Yeah, its definitely like the Dave bind ( probably should have mentioned that in the previous post ) , I can do those Dave binds all day long, and I thought it was just a horizontal Dave but its not working on the different axis the way I thought it would.


I still have no idea what bind you’re talking about… Vid?


They also do this idle bind that’s actually a frontstyle throw done sort of sidways.

Front throw directly over the NTH, yoyo continues to swing around; miss the string segment that goes to your TH and land it on top like a trapeze; although it looks like a trapeze, it’s just an under mount, ready for bind.


The bind that happens between about 0:15 - 0:18 in this

He does it a lot in his lets play yoyo videos.


Do you mean this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=p6rSkS4cYT0#t=97s


Maybe, if you mean the first video in that slusny ( or is it slunsy ) tutorial. It almost looks right except he is doing it vertical in that tutorial video.


ohhhhhhh i know the one you mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=mT5ko3WC94Y#t=62s like this one? Although without the regens.
All he is doing is throwing a front style throw just across his body rather then straight down. Then he just lifts the yoyo into a trapeze and does the bind.


You mean that quick little bind that guy does at about 1:04 after his yoyo dies?


Yeah the last little bit before it goes back to his hand.


hmmm, pretty sure in the lets play yoyo video above he is doing it side style, but its so fast ill have to rewatch it, I thought I had it figured out after rewatching it, but alas, no.


but you think its the front style to side idea? really looks to me like a trapeze with type throw and a string crossing to cause the bind.


It is a trapeze but rather than throwing a breakway like you normally would (from right to left if your right handed), you throw it left to right which makes the yoyo spin in the same direction as it would for front style, and thats what lets you bind from just a regular trapeze.

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I’ll try to get a tutorial up later today or tomorrow. Can you please link a video of me doing it, I’m not sure what you are talking about from Mikes video.


I’m pretty sure he’s talking about this bind http://www.highspeedyoyo.com/videos/binds/smooth-bind except skip that first rotation… It’s the bind that mike does a lot in his lets play yoyo vids.


I think you do it in your Harrison Hurricane tutorial, but my internet and/or youtube is being ridiculously stupid right now so I can’t give you a proper time stamp, nor can I succesfully load any other videos :frowning:

basically it looks like a horizontal dave bind but the yoyo appears to come out sideways then cross over the string before landing in a trapeze then the bind happens. I think everyone was right on with it being a front style throw that goes to a sidestyle bind ( or however it was explained ).

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What is happening there is I"m bringing my throwhand to the yoyo and wrapping the string around the yoyo, instead of the yoyo being the thing thats moving. I can do a tut of that tomorrow for you.


Ah okay, is that the same thing Mike M. is doing in the video I referenced earlier? He does it at least once during the introduction segment of the Lets Play YoYo ( and does it quite often in all his lets play yoyo videos when he is just messing around while talking ).


Mike tends to mix it up between these two binds 1:15 and 2:11 in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ9fMXhQIPs