Having trouble with a few tricks

When you guys do the Mexican Duck Pond, how do you control the gyroscopic flop? For me it’s like I just open up my fingers and hope for the best. The yo-yo often hits my fingers as well.

I just learned this one but ive got it down. The trick is the same as with Gyro flop. Its not just about the axle wrap and pulling the strings tight, but also that the strings are touching opposing sides of the yoyo. How hard it makes contact to the inner wall/response ridge area, the faster the flop. So you control the speed of the flop based on how much pressure you make the string make contact with the ridge.

SOOoooo that means that while you are in MDP’s flop, with your palm down during the flop, pull your thumb up and/or push your pinky down and away from you. How much of each (thumb up/pinky away) youll need to find for yourself, but thats the secret to not just hoping for the best. As for it hitting your hand, youll just have to make sure that the yoyo is centered during the flip before the spread-n-flop. (man that sounds funny) :smiley:
Hope that helped some

You control the speed with how put tension on the string, just like on any g-flop. Some yo-yos are easier to control than others, but you should be able to let it spin in that cradle as long as you want then initiate the spin by gently spreading your fingers to open the gap, then stop the spin by relaxing the tension as it flips over. Don’t rush it, you should be able to control the flip by just opening your fingers a little slower. You do have to relax the tension before the yo-yo completes the flip, or it will go out of control.
If you are hitting you fingers, you need to work on getting the set up a little smoother.

I’m also working on gyroscopic flop. Some tutorials say the 2 strings should follow the wall of the yo-yo and others say none of the strings should touch the walls.

You can do it either way, but I find it spins longer if it’s not touching.

Definitely get good at gyro flop before MDP.

I’m having trouble keeping the string pinched near the end of “A Shadow’s Shadow”. The string keeps sliding between my fingers >:(

I don’t know that one.
Maybe if I get a chance this week I’ll try and learn it.

Here’s a tutorial

What string do I land on on this part of Classic Yuuki Concepts? (20 seconds part)


Am I doing the trick correctly up until that point?

I’m having trouble forming the green triangle with turbo encabulator. What am I doing wrong ???

The wraps or rolls or whatever at the 2sec mark. I think the yoyo is supposed to go up and towards you.

I figured it out, I just had to pull on my NTH a little tighter (Keep the strings closer to each other). That way when the rejection happens the string wraps around the top of the other string and allows me to land in the GT

I separated these from the “impressive intermediate tricks” thread.

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