How do ya do gyrosopic flop?


I know how to do it, but I just cant get down the movements.


Use your hands to steer the yoyo.

Happy Throwing! =]


it takes a fair bit of practice

(Zer0) #4

yes and make sure its in small circles
make sure you dont pull too hard or not pull hard at all

(JackG) #5

first u need a yoyo
oh and a string


Haha. Funny.

Wait, was that supposed to be funny?

(JackG) #7

dont say ya seriously
say yous
how dal you dat gyeroflop

(JackG) #8

yes it was…come to think about it, yous do need em

(JayVee) #9

Just remember that you need to be sort of guiding the string to one side of the yo-yo. And you need to know how much you’re gonna have to pull the strings. It takes practice, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few flops.


Pull so that the strings are tight. Don’t pull too hard, just enough to tighten the stirngs. Make sure the yoyo is really suspended, not hanging loosely.

Try to keep the strings away from touching the sides of the yoyo. If you have an adjustable gap, adjust it to the widest, it will help.

The “Action” of turning your hands in circles is basically just preventing it form touching the sides.

(YoYoBlaze) #11

try from making the string touch the sides using your hands.
you could also try different ways of getting into gyro flop.
one way is doing houdini mount and landing in the back then pull. you could also do plastic whip and pull on the closest side to you
Good Luck!!!

(ThRoW-b0t) #12

is there anything in particular that you are having problems with? mounting it? getting it to spin? The thing that helped me after I learned to mount it was keeping the two strings (the ones that you hold with your throw hand) together. If they are together and parallel for the most part, then yu should get a nice turn with it. And I agree with what they say about not pulling too hard or too soft,-- start pulling it nice and easy, and once it starts moving you can use the parts of the string coming from the bottom of your throw hand to control it. Play around with trying to turn the strings coming out of the bottom (the non-thumb side) of your throw hand, once you are ready to get 'er a spinnin.