Problem with Gyroscopic flop...

Im having some truoble with the gyroscopic flop. whenever I whip the string around the yoyo, it almost always starts twirling really fast, and spins out. How can I make it twirl smoothly and longer? am i pulling to hard? please help! ???

Make sure the string on your throwhand and the string you grab on to on your throwhand are even. If they are off, that will happen. It also depends on the response or the shape. Starburst slows it down and spins out fast, O-Ring is okay, Silicone, can do it. Try this, Don’t throw a Trapeze, but do that Backspin Trapeze. Curl your non-throwhand pointer in and pull on the closer string. Hard. It will flop! Hopefully, you know dismount. Pull the loop out of the gap.

I’m not sure how hard you are pulling, but this can be a problem if you do pull too hard. The way I think of it is take either around 5 or 6 yoyos in a bag and pick it up, or think of an 8 pound weight and how much it takes to pick that up. That is about how hard you want to pull, but you can adjust it as you go. Also, make sure you keep the strings off of the side of the yoyo. It might spin kind of slowly if you have a KonKave bearing, so if you have one in your yoyo I would suggest starting with a flat bearing to figure out how exactly you do the flops.

Alright, thanks guys. I’m using a Dark Magic. (my only metal yoyo) So, I know I can do it, but I guess I’m not doing it right. (andre uses the same kind of yoyo and it works perfectly)

It just takes practice. It took me a few hours of experimenting with pull strength and angle before i finally got it down.

Try to keep it aligned with your eye, make sure that none of the strings are rubbing on the sides of the yoyo. That is basically all you need to prevent it from spinning out of control. Don’t move your freehand, but move your throwhand whenever the yoyo is about to touch the strings.

I think it’s easier when you start the trick with a Houdini Mount. It’s like a Double or Nothing except the you go over your thumb the first time it’s coming around.

Then you put the loop on your thumb into the yoyo gap, pop the yoyo up and land on the string closest to your body. Just pull and have fun =)

Like here:

Gerard also did a great video about it:

I always use his tutorials if I don’t can do something of André’s videos and need something different to get it =)