gyro flop

ok i can whip the string onto the yoyo, but when i pull the yoyo never makes a complete flop! any ideas?

same thing happened to me. here is what they said to me.

Use your hands to move around your yoyo.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the real one. :stuck_out_tongue:

All you have to do is make sure you’re pulling on the strings hard, and make sure that the strings do not rub on the sides of the yoyo. That is what most people do wrong.

Btw, a larger gap helps to prevent rubbing on the response, you might wanna adjust your gap to max.

Also try to keep both hands at eye level, it will help you keep the strings away from the walls more easilly.

I say go with rsmod on this one. He’s one of the better floppers.

Ok now the yoyo flops around half way and then flops out of control! Help please!

Keep at it, at first you may only be able to get one “flop” (1/2 turn), but with practice, you should be able to get more. Once you have gotten one “flop” reliably, its a matter of: (1) getting a feel for how hard to pull on the string, and (2) using your right hand to adjust the position of the string relative to the sides of the yoyo. You want the string to be angled towards one rim slightly, but without touching it - play around and notice how you can control which direction the yoyo rotates depending on which side the string is nearest.

Thanks im starting to get the hang of it!

That’s good. You want to pull hard, but you don’t want to pull so hard that you break the string or something. It’ll make it die faster anyways if you pull too hard. The main thing is just keep the string off of the sides of the yoyo.