Gyroscopic Flop not working... tips?

Every time I try the Gyroscopic flop, my yoyo dies the second I start pulling to make it rotate. I am using a YYJ Hitman with all the stock parts. Any tips to make it work better or do I just need a better yoyo/bearing? Thanks.

chances are, you are pulling too hard. If you pull too hard you will lose control, not enough and you wont get a flop, another thing to practice is not allowing the yoyo to come out of line with your hands if so you will spin out and have a mess of string to fix. Try pulling a little softer, and of course make sure that the strings are wrapped properly to cause a flop. Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

Just keep the walls of the yo-yo of the string and pull with I’d say, 2/3 pounds of force. Anything else would be too much.

Search “help with gyroscopic flop” in the search and you will find every tip for that trick known to man.

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