Gyroscopic Flop

I have watched the tutorial on this site a couple times and I have attempted this trick many, many times and haven’t made any headway. When I do the plastic whip move over my hand and then pull the strings, the yoyo begins to rotate like it should, but then it rotates back the reverse way and spins out of control. Any tips or a clearer tutorial would be much appreciated.

You may just need more speed, or pull harder, or weaker. To me it sounds like you just need more speed.

Also make sure your plastic whipping right and not landing the whip backwards

If you have the whip down, then the rest is technique. Look into the gap of the yoyo while you are pulling, keep the string from touching the sides and you should be able to get at least a few flops.

I’ve experimented with more and less tension, but that didn’t seem to be the problem. My whip was going on the wrong side lol, so I have fixed that. I’m also trying to direct the yoyo using the forward section of the pulled string and that seems to help. I’ve only been able to do a 1/2 rotation so I’ll just keep practicing. Thanks for all the help!

i had this problem too. make sure your throw is super straight and hard and after you plastic whip it pull it super super super tight.

^ Probably the problem. Some goos advice in the other posts too. Just keep practicing though. You will get it. I promise. :wink: