Gyroscopic Flop

Hi, when I do Gyroscopic Flop, it doesn’t rotate. Let me explain, I do the Plastic Whip motion right and the string hooks onto the yoyo the way it needs to. But when I pull, the yoyo loses its spin time and it won’t rotate. Any tips?

It’s important to keep the string from touching the sides of the yo-yo. it will cause friction, slow your spin, and kill the yo-yo. I learned by doing the first way Andre shows in the video and doing a half flop and went from there. Keep trying.

I dont know- But it wont rotate if you throw from a Gravity Pull-- Must do a Breakaway… This may just be me but IDK

Lols where’d you get that idea? Andre does it from a gravity pull, i do it from a gravity pull and can pull of 21 flops. Anyway, agentsac is right. Just dont let the string touch the sides of the yoyo. Keep the yoyo aligned with your eyes, and try to keep it away from the string by moving your throwhand away from the gap while the yoyo is revolving. Good luck, it took me 3 days to master. Also, hybrid response system is better than o-ring response system for some reason.

im having a problem with this also weh i pull the strings after looping it onto the string it ends up just spining way to fast and it ends up all tangled any tips.

Read my above post. Thats all you need to know. And make sure you pull fairly hard, but not too hard.