gyroscopic flop

well ive been practicing for a while on this and is just doesnt work,when ever i get into the mount for it it doesnt roll,am i doing something wrong,are there other ways that will work for me

                    PLEASE HELP ME

I’m no flop expert i’m not going to pretend to be. But I can do it and I belive I had the same problem you did. First off you basically want to pull as hard as you can (just don’t brake the string). Second you don’t want to touch the sides, but you do want to tilt the strings a little. Pull your hands in opposite direction as much as you can without letting them touch the sides. Essentially you want to make little circles with your hands. This isn’t going to get it for you right away. Even if your brain knows it it sometimes seems like your hands don’t. It’s still going to take a little bit of getting the feel for it. Let me know if this helps.

There are many topics on this issue.

There are a few.

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thanks it helped me

I am having problems with gyroscopic flop. I have looked at a bunch of other topics, but I cant find that problem I’m having.

I am just having problems with the whip part. I know there are other ways to do it, but I want to learn it the way Andre teaches it. I can do plastic whip, but I can’t do the whip part of this trick for some reason. I just kind of hit the yoyo with the string, or I completely miss the yoyo, and the whip wraps around the string directly above the yoyo.

You really should of said that in the first post. :frowning: Just try exaturating the movemant.

Search function comes in handy. I know I’ve personally addressed this exact same issue before at least once or twice.

I searched. I looked at a lot of questions, until I got through the list to the part where they are all mostly irrelevant. Could you find me one of those question that you have already addressed? I would love to see some more answers to this problem.

If that’s the part you’re having troubles with, then you should learn plastic whip if you don’t, It’ll make it 75% easier, at least. Make sure your string tension is good as well.

I hate it when people just leave quotes and no words. And don’t respond to this and ask why.

Why? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bolded a part to answer the person’s question.

You probably already figured it out by now but I learned this by going into a Mach 5 then pulling for the gyro-flop. It really helped me get the motion of everything and helped me learn to keep the string from touching the inner walls of the yoyo. It’s really, really easy actually. After I got it good this way I started getting into the gryo-flop other ways, such as the whipping way.

I have a vid of a way to do it from break away.

You go into a Houdini mount put it onto the back string, pop it back and pull.