gyroscopic flop

Ive never been able to nail this trick for some reason. When I pull, the yoyo just “wiggles” or it dies and spins like crazy. What am I doing wrong? Any tips? Thanks in advance

How are you getting you self into the mount from which you pull the yoyo? I find it makes a difference to me the way in which i enter it. For example, i find its easily yo control if i just go straight from a houdini mount into it, rather than whipping it like Andre does in his videos.

i do a plastic whip to get into it

Well if it “wiggles” instead of flopping then your probably pulling too hard. You don’t need to pull extremely hard, just put tension on it, and keep the string away from the walls of the yoyo.If the string touches the side then it won’t flop and it’ll spin out.

Make sure the strings don’t rub up against the sides, and give a gentle, but firm pull - you may need to move your hands a bit as it flops to keep the strings centred.

Nice decent pull, not too hard, not sloppy. For the first 360 rotation, you don’t need to worry too much about rubbing, but if you want to flop for a while, move wither your throwhand or non-throwhand to prevent rubbing.

Thanks for all your help! :smiley:

Maybe it is your response pads, see if you need to replace them, and if they’re fine, I personally disagree with the last post, you have equal control over each type of gyro flop.
And try gyro swing

And who are you talking to when you said, you have equal control over each type of gyro flop?

when I do the plastic whip one it starts turning but then it slows down and turns back

That can happen with any Gyro Flop. That’s why Gyro Flop needs practicing and advice.

Make sure the string isn’t touching the sides of the yoyo. (As said)

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