gyroscopic flop help

I have a yoyojam dark magic and i am doing gyroscopic flop. i am learning this version: [/g
it is the one where you land a trapeze, then twist the loop, then pull for gyro. I have a few problems:
1.) When i pull the string the yoyo will turn for a bit then spin out, and everyone else can hold it for like a minute
2.) other times, When i pull it, the yoyo wont turn at all.
please help i really want to learn gyroscopic flop!!!

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Please use the search button next time. This problem has been solved many times before.

Here’s a good suggestion: watch the tutorial in the learn section.

yes, but i dont want to do the whip version…

Play around with the angle of the strings coming off of your throw hand, basically move it around.

You’ll find that when the strings are pulling from different angles the spin will change speed and you will eventually gain control over it.

Practice, practice, practice sir.

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i have practiced a lot and still cant get it also.