my gyroscopic flop wont flop

i have a dark magic, and i cant get the yoyo to turn on gyro flop. any suggestions???

pull super hard

how are you doing it?

pull tighter and tilting your hands.

describe the steps of the trick, and because the gap on the DM is tiny, its a bit tough to do gyro flop

Use the search button and type:

“Gyroscopic Flop Help”.

You will find many topics that will help you do the trick successfully.

Eh… first get into the Gyro using plastic whip, it turns easier. Try to pull it tight, but not so tight you lose your finger, but tight… so it’ll twang if someone pulled it. Then, make sure the string is not touching the sides of your yoyo, and try pointing the yoyo up or down.

theres been lots of topics on this, just search gyroscopic flop help in the search box and your bound to find a topic that will help.