gyroscopic flop help!!!

i really really need help with this trick!
what i do:
1.throw a sleeper
2. lift the yoyo up and whip into it like andre says
3.pull on both sides of the strings
and i thought the yoyo was supposed to spin like on the opposite axis, but when i pull hard it dies on me and when i dont pull that hard the yoyo falls right off.please tell me what im doing wrong!

Ok well what u can do is start from a Mach mount and try it thier or u can try a toothpick flop which is so much easier…Their are some you tube vids that show u how to do it and after u learn it it will be easy to do regular gyro flop!!!

yeah I agree with the post above but I will give you some advice. but first what yoyo do you have? if it isn’t unresponsive then this will be tough.
assuming you have a good yoyo you should get a strong side style sleeper and go into a sidestyle mach5(you can do front style too but I think this is easier to learn. Then you should pull hard but try to keep the strings away from the walls of the yoyo. Just go half way around at first then build it up until you can do it for a long time.

Not really, especially for something like gyro flops.

Please search the forum. There have been lots of helpful topics asking this question. Here are a few:

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you should have that response saved.

Well… :stuck_out_tongue: