gyroscopic flop shortcut.

hey. I’ve been trying forever to do a gyroscopic flop. my problem is that i cant whip the string on. and i can do almost every other whip in the tuts. so anyway is there another way to get into the mount thing before you pull the strings to make the yoyo spin. also my yoyo sometimes starts and than just dies after pulling it for a little while. thanks.

Do you know the trick Kamikaze? Follow those first two steps (Houdini , then pop yoyo on to the back strings, Pull and bam! Flop it up!!

The way I do it is I go into Mach 5 and then I just pull and it flops (I’m surprised nobody came up with this before me)

ok thanks ill try the mach 5 thing. i don’t know kamikaze yet.

Also, try giving a search of the forum. This question has indeed been asked and there will be lots of good information in those topics. :wink:

o sorry :o I forgot about that.

go into an overmount (the mount most people use to bind) then twist the little loop, then pull.

It is exactly the same gyro flop, minus whipping it on the string.

All you have to do is Overmount, twist, pull. ;D

go into trapeze, then with your non throw hand, twist the loop so it is towards you, position your hand so it is like a regular trapeze(you must take your hand out of the loop), now open the loop up, there should be a little twist on the bottom, pull, and your in a gyroscopic flop.

This! The thing is that once you get into the “mount” you’ll have to start getting an understanding of how to flop it. You’ll see what I mean when you try.

plastic whip works ;D

This is what i meant, In case my post did not make any sense at all, lol :wink:

Actually, it has been discovered before, far before this thread was even made (EVEN MORE)

How was I supposed to know that?

I looked at many gyro flop videos on youtube and NON of them started with mach 5

It might not be filmed, but it’s been done before.

A flop is just when the string crosses in the gap of the yoyo then you pull and it flops

Well, yeah there is. The actual mount or whatever you prefer to call it that is achieved by doing a plastic whip is very close to a brain twister mount, if not the same. I believe in the tuts. he offers a different way…?

Time to be an english teacher (:'(): you can’t use the word you’re defining in the definition.

Not really sure that that post was useful since he asked for other ways to do it. Sorry.

I’d call it a mount and I’m not sure right now if it’s a brain twister mount variation (under mount) or the reverse (over mount) but it’s one of the two. The other way he mentions in the tutorial is from a trapeze with the string wrapped once around the bearing. That way is very very hard to control though and can only ever get one or two at the most flops before it completely dies.

Time to be a yoyo teacher

trapeze = over mount (from sleeper)

It actually has been filmed a couple times, and I’ll try to find one.

This is very helpful. Just to check if this is the correct short cut: I get in a trapeze, twist the loop all the way around so its twisted near the bottom then pull it tight.

I get the yoyo on a horizontal, but im having trouble keeping it under control the whole way around.