another way to do gyro flop?

Help! I am learning gyro flop and the whip mount, but I’m curious if there is an easier way to do gyro flop with out doing it the trapeze way… Any Ideas? Tuts are awesome



You can also do it from an atomic bomb. Do a split bottom mount, underpass once like atomic bomb, then pull the strings.

This has two different variations of the mount.

-Twist the string (full) with your Non-throw Hand (The loop) in Counter clock-wise motion. (That’s what I do)
-Pull the string with your Throw hand, Then Viola! :smiley:

Hope It Helps!


Do a plastic whip, and then pull on the back string. That will make it flop. I believe it is called a chop flop…Hope I helped!

A chop flop is a gyro flop within a chopstick mount.

i do a trapeze then pull the back string on my nonthrowhand.