gyro flops

please please help me with gyro flops ( i dont understand andres vid on gyro flops :frowning: )

Gyro flops is a real cool trick. But i can understand you when you say that Andre’s video isn’t that easy to learn from. An easier way to do it, is to just go into a frontstyle trapeze(backwards braintwister). from here you twist the string which is farthest away from you. If you then just gradually pull, the yoyo should turn. The way andre teaches is quite similar, except that you need to learn the plastic whip motion. But what you do is to pinch the string right above the yoyo and hold it in front of you. Then you push your thumb into the string and whip it into the yoyo (like plastic whip). Then you gradually pull. Note that the position you end in is the same (i think so) in both ways, one of them is just a bit easier.

Hope i could be to any help.

thnx :slight_smile:

There’s a vid right here,519.0.html

okay just so you know, andre’s mount is the most effective. I can do up to 21 flops from the whipping method, but only like 5 from trapeze mount, and 10 with braintwister mount because its so slow. The position you are in when you flop plays a part. But i’m telling you, its best to try to learn the whip.

the whip is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Just remember to keep the string on top and alighned with your thumb at all times when you toss it. Practice and you will get it.

The flopping part is the hardest part of the trick (Some will say its the easiest) to learn. most people give up on this trick because they cant flop. Make sure you pull hard, and keep the string away from the yoyo. Once the string touches the yoyo, it will die.

NOTE: dark magics rock at flopping, hitmen suck. Might be because of the hybrid response.

ok so i can do the flop ;D but how do u dismount o i can only do 1 flop is that cuz of my yoyo? ( i have a jamboo )

No, jamboo is fine. I can do gyro flops with a fast 201, so jamboo should be fine. to dismount, look at andre’s video. It explains quite clearly compared to what i can explain in words.

Just practice. Remember to keep the string from the gap.

but Jamboo’s uneven

lol im not sure if this is true, but wont uneven-ness make it flop even better? its “Flopping” lol, gravity can play a part.

Jamboo is uneven, because of the wood… heavier in some places, lighter in others.

Throw a hard sleeper, get to any mounts of gyro flop, use your left hand or right hand to move around in circle, so that makes the yoyo to flop it once, twice or more. I hope you undrestand. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

How can you gyroflop with a fast 201?

Same thing what I said above your post.

Happy Throwing! =]

I couldn’t follow it until I saw Andre’s video!

The yoyo being used doesn’t matter much(I’ve done them on fixed axles :wink: ), but the smaller the gap, the harder it is. If your flop kills the yoyo quickly it’s because your strings are hitting the side of the yoyo as it’s flopping. You can prevent this by moving your hands up and/or down(not in sync, though, that would defeat the purpose, you’re trying to shift the plane of the string). It may seem like a lot to keep track of, but you’ll get it with some practice.

my girlfriend is practicing her violin and she saw me do a gyroscopic flop today and she said what is that rotisserrie chicken. haha i kind of like that name, maybe she is just hungry…

We should petition the community and have the name changed…or maybe I’m hungry, too.

Yea, I could flop a Flea to a Bigyo (I can actualy)