?Mini Gryo flop?

What is the trick where the yoyo does a gryo flop inside the open freehand ??? And i would like a tutorial if possible. Thanks.

Like this?



wow ive seen people do it different ways but that makes it pretty simple thanks

Yes! Thats it. Thanks alot! ;D

hmmm I think there’s harder variation. I’ll try to find some video.

Everytime i try this it wont flop. ???

thanks it’s a cool way to finish a combo or to get another point of view !

great tutorial btw!

He had a real slo-mo camera, and not a regular camera played slowly!! That’s awesome!

I learned a different variation and its hard. But not to hard since i started like 2-3 months ago but you have to be able to pull the strings as tight as possible id learn normal gyroscopic flop first if you havnt.

That’s a more difficult/interesting chopsticks flop maneuver. Hope that helps those looking.

I honestly think that tethers are a little easier but i dont really like them cuz its not a real flop

When I try the yoyo only goes a quarter of the way, so it is spinning parellel to the ground and then stalls. After a few seconds it dies and the string twists around it like mad. What am I doing wrong here? I can do a regular gyroscopic flop with no problem.
Any advice???

Look at the dates :stuck_out_tongue: This thread is over 2 years old. I don’t mean to sound like a mod, but: Please don’t bring back old threads. Thanks.

Sorry if I upset anyone by bringing back an old thread. I have been trying to get this trick down and for some reason haven’t been able to. I was going to start a new thread and ask for advice but thought I would search to see if it had been covered already. I did not notice the date on the thread but still don’t see the problem if I have a question dealing with a trick that I am having trouble with to post in a thread dedicated to learning that trick.
I am new to the yoyoexpert forums and guess I didn’t know how things worked here. Usually it is preferable to not start a new thread if an old one is going already no matter the age.
Once again I apologize for any offense caused, but would still like to know why I am having this particular problem on this trick.

Sorry :-[ I wasn’t trying to come off as mean. Welcome to the forums. ;D

It’s quite tricky pulling the strings tight with just one hand - but as with all gyros, make sure the strings are centred and pull pretty tight.