Gyroscopic Flop

I am trying to learn Gyroscopic Flop and it is just not working for me…
I don’t usually like to post a new topic whenever I can’t do something, but I REALLY need help with the whip in Gyro. I can do Plastic Whip but the string doesn’t want to hold the loop. Please explain how you do it!

The whip that Andre has in his videos is a waste of time. Use a sidestyle mach5 or a trapeze and pull the closest string the same way you would in Andre’s version. Look for some new tutorials and just practice.

I started Gyroscopic Flops with a standard undermount (Braintwister mount)! There is really no need to use a whip!

you don’t have to use the whip, you can just twist your nth index and grab one of the strings (you’ll have to figger out which) and that will put you in the mount. As for the whip, make sure your string tension is good, and spread your finger and thumb (those are the fingers you should be whiping with) far apart.

Yeah, you can just perform a trapeze from a basic throw and twist the trapeze and pull and you’ll get gyroscopic flop.

I just do the Brain Twister mount. :stuck_out_tongue:

you can do it from just about any mount for goodness sakes, i’ve done it from a wrist mount, 1.5 mount, ladder mount, and more.

Thanks guys!

i do a houdini drop mount put it inside the loop like in kamikaze and pop it out to the bak

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