Found an easy way to gyro flop!

Throw a trapeze. Then grab the string farthest away on the loop created by the trapeze. It has the same effect as the whipping technique but is a lot simpler. Dismount the same by pulling the throwhand strings to the side the string is wrapped around the bearing.

I was under the impression this was the only way to gyro flop. What is this whipping technique?

Basically whipping into a Houdini’s mount. It’s the first way I learned it.

The way Andre teaches you in the videos.

Great job, but this isn’t anything new…

Possibly not, but I hadn’t attempted or heard of it before… so, thanks, datenight!

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You can also do a trapeze than an over whip and pull. There’s a tutorial in the G squared thread.

Lol I never saw that one because I’d already learned. Or so I had thought.

There are actually several ways to do a gyro flop. I’ve come up with a good amount, and it’s always fun to come up with more :smiley:

I simply learned it from Mickey’s freestyle videos.

What’s a tutorial?

A tutorial is an attempt of an explanation of what he is doing half of the time xD

anytime to the guys who this helps… sorry for getting the other guys excited.

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Dude, it totally helps… I used to get so annoyed with either “whip into flop” methods… this one lets me get right to the flop. Love it!

Also discovered “chop flop” on which is super easy. Plastic whip, grab the appropriate string segments… flop!