Gyroscopic flop help

I Need help on the Gyroscopic flop!..
I can’t get my yoyo to spin
Vids and tips are needed

  1. Go into a trapeze
  2. Twist the loop on your nonthrowhand pointer
  3. Grab the string on the twist with your throwhand
  4. Pull, and flop!

Hope I helped! ;D

make sure you move your hands in a circular motion when flopping,lol.
dont pull too hard but dont leave any slack.

Make sure the strings don’t touch the sides while you pull. The harder you pull, the faster it spins around but again, make sure the strings don’t touch the sides.

Any way you get into a Gyro Flop, there’s always some things to remember that are always the same:

  1. Don’t pull to hard, or the yoyo will “flop” to fast and you’ll eventually lose control of it.
  2. Don’t pull to loosely, or the yoyo won’t “flop” fast enough, and will eventually spin out from coming in contact with its walls.
  3. Follow the “flopping” motion of your yoyo with your hand, to prevent contact with the yoyo’s walls.

this video should help! andre is probably the best teacher here. no offense to everyonw else!! ;D

I guess the best thing would be to just mess around with it. and try moving your hands back and forth to get it to turn